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Love your music so much! Can I use them for non-commercial game projects? I credit you in my game.


Used it in Ex4ce, a Shoot'em up game also available here in itch.

This package and pretty much all your pieces on your homepage are awesome! Eine große Auswahl an tollen unterschiedlichen Stücken.

I made a game with some of your songs. This makes the atmosphere of the game even better. You can check it out here if you like:


Can I use theses ost for commercial use? can i credit you in my game?


This is insanely good quality for free music!
Easily the best OST I've heard on this site so far. 


I literally blown away and fell off my chair face up. How it is even possible to be free? You're tearing the fabric of reality!


I have to save the music is amazing. The game is in beta right now and the people playing say the music is not only fitting but brings good memories back :D

YouFulca is the toppest of top tier musicians!  LOVE YOUR WORK! <3

Awesome!! I don't have other words to express what I feel with your music than THANK YOU!

Hello YouFulca! First off, I wish to thank you for all your amazing music! ^_^ And I would so so love to buy your new packs! But do you have any steam version available for them? Cause I can only purchase via steam right now :( X(

Awesome! Are they free for commercial use?

Yes, Sure!

Terms of use are here.

I update my website to add new music assets frequently.

Please visit!!